Finishing what we print…

Finishing a print job correctly is as important as the printing process itself. If done poorly it can reduce the finish of the job as a whole and undo all of the good work involved to that point. To really make your job stand out, the decision of which finishing process to apply is an important one, and as such we have a variety of processes to offer, all under one roof! So if you need cutting, binding or foiling we can assure you that you’re in safe hands.

Whilst the majority of jobs are machine finished we still feel that there is a place for good old fashioned hand finishing, in some cases being quicker and more accurate!


Collatated and bound into saddle
stitched or perfect bound booklets.

Metallic Foiling

For when you need to add a
touch of class that really sparkles.

Pads & Sets

We can glue into complete pads
of any size or finish into sets.

Wiro Binding

Spiral binding for larger booklets
or calendars, in a variety of colours.

Crease & Fold

All stock accurately creased
and folded to any finished size.


Protect your work by encapsulating
it with a gloss or matt finish.