The New-Ad

We publish and print the New-Ad, a magazine that has been extremely successful in promoting local businesses and events for over 25 years. Just over 5000 publications are printed every fortnight and are distributed around the local area door to door and to local businesses, giving a total of over 10,000 magazines each month.

The New-Ad is printed in A4 format with a wide range of sizes and price deals available to the advertiser. Starting out as a small businesss we understand both the importance of advertising and the need for this requirement to be affordable. We feel that, from sole traders to large companies, we've achieved this balance with the New-Ad.

Do I really need to advertise??

Quite simply we believe everyone should advertise and the reason for this is perfectly simple. If nobody knows who you are, what you do and where to find you, how are they expected to use you? We know from experience that an advert placed on a rolling basis will have more effect than an advert placed in the odd edition. Advertising can be a bit like fishing, you may have to wait but when you get a bite it's well worth it!


5x2 - 90mm x 50mm £18.00
6x2 - 90mm x 60mm £21.60
8x2 - 90mm x 80mm £28.80
1/4 page - 90mm x 130mm £46.80
1/2 page - 189mm x 130mm £93.60
Full page - 189mm x 270mm £194.00

How to place an advert

You can email us at:
You can give us a call on: 01531 820 816

Post your copy to:
Perpetua Press, 20 Culver Street,
Newent, Gloucestershire, GL18 1DA

Even better, why not call in and see us!

Discounts are available for block bookings so it's well worth giving us a call to find out!

For more information and to see an online copy of the New-Ad log on to:

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